Forklift for Hire in Orlando, FL

Not many people have a forklift just lying around for when they need it. If you need to lift anything heavy and don’t have the necessary equipment to do it safely, come to PRL Forklift Services in Orlando, FL. We offer our forklift for hire so you can get your job done without the hassle. Call us book our forklift for rent today. 

Why Call Us for a Forklift?

 You might think that only industrial or commercial properties need forklifts for places like warehouses. However, while we serve anyone who needs a forklift, residential customers need forklift in certain situations as well: 

  •  Landscaping: When you order cinderblocks, bricks, or any type of stone, we can help haul the pallets or containers the area you need it.
  • Moving: If you have heavy equipment or a weight set, we can move any of those heavy pieces for you.

Beside residential uses, we can move other heavy machinery if you don’t have a forklift to lift it. No matter what you need a forklift for, you can trust us here at PRL Forklift Services. You don’t have to worry about renting a forklift and learning to operate it yourself. We’re quick and efficient, and we’ll move whatever you need to whatever location you need it. With both open and enclosed trailers available, you'll be sure to get the service you need. 

Why Choose PRL Forklift Services?

We don’t just offer a single forklift for hire; PRL Forklift Services specializes in transportation of all kinds. Our team can move items and machinery from one area of your property to another, or we can move pallets of parts and machinery from one part of town to the next. With over 25 years in the transportation industry, we’re confident we can help with your project. 

If you need forklifting or transportation services, whether you need a simple open trailer or a 24-foot enclosed trailer, we’ve got you covered. Call us today at (407) 470-9946.